Monday, November 3, 2008

A New Day Begins

A friend, she knows who she is, suggested that I begin a blog because I have a whole lot of interesting things going on in my life. So, this is for you T.

My kids, twins: Adam & Katie (4), and surprise child: Sophie (2) keep my days full of drama, excitement, messes and laughter. As I am writing this I hear uncontrolled laughter from the other room as someone has turned on the central vaccum and they are "cleaning." The Vaccum just went off and I heard Adam say, "good thing we cleaned up." That could mean they vaccumed the excess of Cheerios that got spilled at breakfast, or it could mean they spilled the fish food all over the kitchen floor and they are covering their hineys. Either way at least they are trying to help.

I decided to make english muffin pizzas for lunch. When I told Adam he said, "well, do you have flat english muffins?" Yes. "Do you have tomato sauce?" Yes. "Do you have cheese?" Yes. "The white cheese?" Yes. "The sprinkley white cheese?" Yes. "Then come on mom, let's make them." He never misses a detail.

We went shopping with their dad (Dan) on Sat. and Adam & Sophie went to one store with Dan, and Katie went to another store with me. My cell phone was off and Dan couldn't find me when he was finished. Adam began to ask Dan, "where will I get a new mommy, and where will I sleep?" I'm afraid to say that I think Adam got my gene for excessive worrying.

I have all the ingredients ready to make a nice loaf of banana bread today... that will be my afternoon snack. I'm hoping to get some knitting accomplished today. I cast on Monkey Socks from yesterday and I am hoping to finish them by the 2nd week in Dec. They are going to be a Christmas gift for A&K's preschool teacher.

I'm off to make pizza.


Tiffany said...

Yeah!! Doing the happy dance here. You are off to a great start. You should post your banana bread recipe.
We had english muffin pizzas yesterday--so easy and the kids love them!

Tree Climbing Mom said...

I'm SO glad you have a blog. It's going to be fun keeping up with you this way!


atotallydifferentperson said...

Love this and I'd love some of that bread too!!

Kris said...

Welcome to the blogosphere!