Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Want To See My Monkey?

This is a progress picture of the Monkey Socks I'm knitting for A&K's teacher.

It's a fun and simple pattern. Not sure they'll be done in time for Christmas, but I'm trying. It's hard to fit the knitting into all of the things I "have" to do. I'd like to let everything else go and just knit...but, well, you know...

My husband asks me, "can't you buy a pair of socks for like $5? why do you go through all the trouble to knit them when you can buy them?"
Dan most always chooses the option that makes life easiest.
For me, it's not trouble, it's fun. Learning to knit was a great accomplishment for me because I'm left-handed, and well, let's face it, the majority of the world is right-handed, thus all the books and teachers are too. So, I'm proud that for once in my life I follwed through and learned how to do something that I had always thought I would never learn because it would be too hard or too much work. If I could reach, I would pat myself on the back.

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Tiffany said...

They are looking great! I'm totally impressed. I never did make it past the dishcloth, maybe someday...