Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Is In The Air!

Yes indeed! I was enjoying a gentle breeze outside while the kids were playing, and I noticed that things had "greened up." I really just became aware that Spring is officially here. We have "real" shade for the first time since we'd built our house. Our property used to be an orange grove way back when... and we had no trees. When we built our house we had to plant several trees, well, we were mandated by the county to plant trees I should say. Those trees have finally grown into decent shade trees, it's a beautiful thing.

Our chickens are hatching chicks, which is such a beautiful and exciting springtime event as well.

And then there's the weeds. Yes, the weeds are back in full force. We will be overrun with weeds in the weeks to come. The yard needs our attention yet again. Our winter furlough has come to a screeching halt as the weeds begin to take over the flower and tree beds. Time to don the garden gloves and the pony tail, and get to pullin' weeds.

I have great plans for my "failing" rose garden. It will involve white picket fence and the removal of some nuisance hedges, soil enrichment, and plenty of my husband's elbow grease will be involved in these plans. Dan cringes at the thought of wasting time on any tree or plant that doesn't bear some sort of fruit. But, the flowers are my fruit...I better be careful what I write, if he reads this he may make me eat those roses.


Smith Schoolhouse said...

that's funny about eating the roses! but does Dan actually read your blog?

Sue said...

Well, I know he has a friend who does and that friend relays what he reads to Dan.