Tuesday, March 10, 2009

An 'Andy Rooney' Moment In The Frozen Foods Aisle

Andy Rooney is that older gentleman that rants and raves on the news program 60 Minutes. I found myself having an Andy Rooney moment in the frozen foods aisle at Wal-Mart on Sunday. I haven't bought ice cream in a while, and I have to say I was shocked that most half gallons of ice cream are not half gallons anymore. They are 1.5 quarts, or 1.75 quarts, but not 2 quarts. The price is the same, if not more, but the quantity of product is less! It's official, we're in big trouble, what is this world coming to? It's also official that I'm getting older...I remember hearing my parents and grandparents talk about "way back when..." Well, now I hear myself saying, "I remember when..." For instance I remember when the Plen-T-Pak of Juicy Fruit gum was $.49. Now, it's like $1.29 for a pack of gum! oh. my.

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Tree Climbing Mom said...

I was ranting about the same thing a couple of weeks ago. Next thing you know I'll be talking about my bursitis!