Friday, March 13, 2009

Look Mom! That Moon Is The Same Shape As My Butt!

What a beautiful moon our God placed in the sky for us this week! The ONLY good thing that came from the time change this week was getting to see that beautiful moon while leaving for work in the dark. When I pointed out the moon to the kids in the backseat Adam exclaimed, "look mom, that moon is the same shape as my butt!" Okay, that cracked me up!

Speaking of butts, I've been dragging mine ALL WEEK LONG! Man oh man! Why can't we just leave the time alone? My internal clock is not is very inflexible to change!

On another note, we are off to Miami for the weekend. Dan's cousin is getting married tomorrow. It should be interesting, she's Zoroastrian, her groom is Hindu, we're Christians. I'm praying the Lord would make His spirit shine brightly through us in the midst of these other religions and cultures.

I really don't feel up to this wedding. You see, I have this "hair thing" that bugs me. I can't do my own hair. Well, I mean I can blow it out, curl it up, & spray it down, but it always reverts back to flat and lifeless. I don't want to go to a wedding in a pretty dress, with "soccer mom" hair. So, that's my problem. It's pretty silly, I know, but what can I say I'm having a superficial moment. It will pass...

Have a good weekend. I'll post pictures and a full report from this wedding on Monday.


Tiffany said...

Adam is hilarious! Boys love every opportunity to say "butt." How was your weekend? How was your hair?

Sue said...

My weekend was tiring! My hair actually looked nice and not at all like a soccer mom. Thanks for asking!

Smith Schoolhouse said...

this cracked me up! what shape was the moon in? I am having a hard time imagining what shape butt Adam must have!