Monday, February 9, 2009

A Simple Woman's Daybook

A Simple Woman's Daybook for today...February 9, 2009

Outside my window...Most everything is brown. There is a mystical blanket of fog covering the blueberry fields in the "valley" to the north of our house. The sun casts an early morning shade of yellow across the yard.

I am thinking...I have a little more tolerance for life this week than I did last week.

From the learning rooms...Maybe we'll do some Valentines.

I am thankful for...My semi-clean house, the 1 load of laundry I have to do today, a fridge that's stocked with food.

From the kitchen...Ropa Vieja (Cuban Beef Stew) with brown rice, Thai Peanut Chicken, Roasted Chicken with Sun dried Tomatoes & Artichokes.

I am wearing...Jeans, a long sleeved white tee, & a pea green wrap sweater that ties at the side.

I am reading...I just finished "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn" & I thoroughly enjoyed it! Next, I may read "The Invisible Wall" by Harry Bernstien or "The Friday Night Knitting Club" by Kate Jacobs. We'll see if my Po' Dunk library has either one of them. If not, I'll be looking for another classic. Any suggestions???

I am hoping...for more spring-like weather this week. This chill in the air has cut right through me this season and I need a little warm sunshine on my face.

I am creating...I am still laboriously knitting this baby sock. I may not end up knitting the mate, because let's face it, life is too short to do things that just aren't fun. I'm also knitting this little baby slipper which is much more fun than the sock.

I am hearing...Sophie just walked in to tell me that she peed her pants. Are you kidding? The kids has been potty trained for at least 2 months. I don't get it.

Around the house...clutter as usual, but beyond that there's not that much to do.

One of my favorite things...CAKE! Homemade cake. Chocolate Homemade Cake. Chocolate Homemade Cake with Homemade Chocolate Ganache for icing.

A few plans for the rest of the week...Today is Dan's birthday, maybe a special dinner tonight. I have a date with a root canal specialist tomorrow. Wed. night we have our accountability group. Friday we have a special little get together. At some point this week I'll need to go buy coffee and coffee filters or somebody might get hurt. Just Sayin'

Here is a picture thought I'm sharing... Sophie is a girl after my own heart!

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Kris said...

Sue, I'm upstairs. Can't get to my email addresses. Hope you get this. MD and LF are sick. We need to cancel tonight. I'll send around an email about rescheduling.