Friday, February 6, 2009

Memories on the Wall

Taking my kids to a photo studio has proved to be a HUGE challenge! Each and every time I've done it they've failed to cooperate and I typically leave with 1 mediocre pose at best. I do admit that there have been a couple of rare occasions when I've actually gotten some very cute pictures of the kids. Once was about 3 years ago when Sophie was 4 months old. We did a family picture and some pics of the kids by themselves (a first for the twins). Since everything in that session turned put so nice I bought a huge package. These 3 pics, to the right, have been filed away in a closet ever since. I happened to be at K-Mart this morning and they have all the Martha Stewart frames 50% off, so I bought a few and hung those pictures today. I love the black & white of Katie. She's a beautiful girl!

Look at the sweet picture of Adam & Katie when they were babies. That was a Valentine's Day picture in 2005. Notice the 3 vertical pics to the far left...that's the "unofficial" hospital picture of each of my babies. Oh. My. How time does fly. It's bittersweet. Adam & Katie will be going to Kindergarten in the fall and Sophie will be 3 in two more months. Wow! I can become so overwhelmed with the "neediness" of 3 little ones right now that I often fail to realize that it will only be a matter of time before I'm hanging pictures of high school graduates, married couples, and grand kids on my wall. Pulling out old pictures really helps to put things into perspective.


Tree Climbing Mom said...

I'm always amazed how you can manage to get three children to cooperate for photos at one time:)

Smith Schoolhouse said...

aww... that was so sweet and oh so true. thanks for the dose of reality.

I had to give up on picture studios a long time ago. I guess it might be about time to try again now that they are older.