Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Root Canals, Kids, & Touching the Face of God

I mentioned on Monday's post that my new boss hooked me up with a Root Canal specialist here in town. I have a tooth that had a root canal about 10 years ago. Well, last January the tooth felt funny, I took an X ray, and what do ya know? The root canal needs to be retreated. The cost? $1000. Yes, you read that right. So, what do I do? What every other dental patient seems to do...wait 'til it hurts, then I'll get it fixed. Well, I didn't go quite that far. The tooth didn't start hurting, I actually freaked myself out considering all the "effects" this little infected canal, IN MY HEAD, could cause me. So, I took another X ray and asked my new doc. what he thought. He got right on the phone to the specialist. So, I had a root canal yesterday. The price? NOT A PENNY! The specialist didn't charge me a single penny. Now I ask you, can any more blessings come out of this incredible job God has placed me in? God has perfect timing and the perfect plan every time!
Now, on another note...Adam is fascinated with the new president, "O-Rocco Bama." I thought it would be a good history-in-the-making lesson for the kids to watch the inauguration on TV yesterday, then Adam wanted Dan to turn American Idol off to watch the inauguration again at bedtime. Yeah, well, enough is enough I say.

Then when Dan was saying some bedtime prayers with Adam. Adam prayed that his dad's trees wouldn't die in the freeze. When he was finished praying he said, "OK, now come down here so I can touch you!" Well, at least he has the desire to touch the face of God. I guess I'm not doing such a poor job with my kids after all.