Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hi, My Name Is Sue. I'm a Recovering...

You name it, I'm jaded in almost every way. I have to admit that before I had kids, 3 kids in 22 months that is, I was obsessed with making sure my house was SPOTLESS before anyone came over (not obsessed with having it spotless at all times, just when someone other than Dan & I would see it). Well, my kids have cured me of that little obsession. I'm officially recovered. Now all I care about is that my hair has been brushed and I'm not in the PJ's. I'm still quite ashamed to let someone see that I'm not the perfect housekeeper, but it is what it is!
We had friends over for dinner last night and it's so nice to have friends in my life who are so loving and "real." I can put down my guard, focus on the friendship, & know that they'll still love me even though there are dishes in the sink and I haven't swept the floor. No explanations necessary. That's very liberating. My day will come when my babies are all grown up, living independently of me, possibly far away from me; I'll have a clean house then. I'm trying to live every day remembering that that day will come before I'm ready, so as long as I can cuddle my little ones in my lap, let the dishes stay dirty.

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