Tuesday, June 2, 2009

She Left, He Arrived

Yeah, so Aunt Creativity left on Friday and Uncle Funk arrived on Saturday. Which made for a really crappy weekend I must say. I think Uncle Funk is heading out in the next couple of days. I would really welcome a visit from Susie Homemaker...she would clean my house and fix a real good meal for my family.

Now that I have everyone thoroughly convinced that I have multiple personalities, I think I'll go buy an icecream...I'm sure one of my personalities will enjoy it.

p.s. if/when my husband reads or hears about this post he's really gonna freak out...he's suspected for quite some time I have multiple personalities. I really don't...I'm just moody. LetHe or She without moodiness cast the first stone. I dare you!

1 comment:

Just Me said...

Uncle Funk seems to have taken up permanent residence in our house!!
And tell Dan...that multiple personalities will keep him from ever getting bored with you!! :)
(It's worked for me all these years!!)