Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Start Spreadin' The News...

I, thanks to my wonderful, generous, sacrificial husband, am leaving for a 5 day vacation to New York City on Friday! Yes, just me! I feel a little guilty, but I'm sure I'll get over it. Dan's cousin lives in Brooklyn and we're gonna have a "girl's week out." She's currently not working, so I'll have her all to myself and I know she's going to show me a fabulous time around town.

We went to see her last summer. We only got to spend about 3 days with her and we had the kids. We did a whole lot, but not enough for me. I absolutely loved it there. Maybe it's the foodie in me, but I feel a gravitational pull to that city. It amazes me that that you can walk a Check Spellingblock away from home for breakfast in the morning. I love it!

I am so looking forward to this break from the constant chaos which is my life...don't get me wrong, it's good chaos, but momma needs a break and I am so very blessed that Dan has given me his blessing to do this for myself! I really am blessed in that he wants to see me happy and enjoying my life. He never robs me of my thunder. You're awesome Dan, and I owe you a getaway too. You deserve it.

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Smith Schoolhouse said...

that is gonna be so awesome! I hope you have a great time!!!