Saturday, May 2, 2009

Picture Day!

I absolutely loathe taking my 3 little darlings to the photo studio. They NEVER sit well together. They wiggle. They try to run away. There is not a threat or a bribe that works in my favor. I leave the studio feeling seriously frustrated and in need of some sort of mood-elevating medication.

This is why... don't you love the finger up the nose? Yeah well it's not so funny to me today. Maybe it's one of those things I'll look back at and laugh.

Well, today I awoke with the great idea to go to the photo studio for our annual picture-taking experience. Yes, history continues to repeat itself in this area of my life. Only this time I decided that we needed to have a family portrait taken since the last one we had was when Sophie was 4 months old. So, add a husband who also doesn't want to have his picture taken to the mix fun. fun.
As usual we got great individual poses of the kids, but a picture of the 3 together? Not. So. Much. UHHGGG!!! We did get a decent famil shot. It's not great. The photographer could have noticed my hair was crazy on one side and fixed it! hmmmph! I shouldn't complain because at least everyone is sitting, smiling, and in focus.
Then comes the "pick your favorite poses" part of the session. I can't make a quick decision about anything involving photos...that' why I don't scrapbook. So, I ended up spending WAY too much money, but I only do this once a year and I do have 3 kids...can you tell I'm trying to make myself feel better about spending too much? I'm also giving the pics as Mother's Day gifts, so... I could go on and on.
Anyway, look at my beautiful family.

Oh yeah! Sophie loves pictures. Can't you tell? She is the only one of my kids who has ALWAYS cried and flipped out at the photo studio.


Smith Schoolhouse said...

I LOVE all of the pix! The one of Adam is so cute. That last one of all 3 needs to be framed for sure! Shows so much personality! I like the family shot too and I didn't notice your hair being crazy on one side.

Lisa said...

I LOVE them ALL!!
Not sure if the finger up the nose or Sophie's pout is my favorite...;)