Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Random Thoughts

I'm planning a small Birthday party for the twins. I told them that in addition to their cousins they could each choose 1 friend to invite. Katie chose one of her girlfriends, and Adam also chose one of his girlfriends. He has this little girl in his class that is his best friend. It's sweet. I wish there were more boys in our circle boy hangs around with way too many girls.

I'm planning a Dr. Seuss inspired party since the kids have been in preschool this year and will be learning to read very soon. I also thought it was an easy, non-gender-specific theme for a party. I'm trying to figure cute, Dr. Seuss inspired food...hhhmmmm

This means I have to get into the mode of "cleaning the house for company." I hate that! Who cares if there are 3 pairs of handprints all over the sliders, and there seems to be something in every corner of the house? I'm going to toss every unnecessary "thing" in this house. Danny boy, watch out! (I'm not going to toss him, of course, he's necessary. I love my honey bunny. I'm going to toss his crap - pardon my unlady-like language).

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