Monday, December 8, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook~

Outside My Window...there's a fine covering of frost
I am thinking...'Tis The Season To Be Jolly
I am thankful new job, my supportive family, my friends
From the learning rooms...ok, we ARE going to get these sun catchers made this week. We are also going to make our Christmas ornaments.

From the kitchen...who knows?
I am wearing...Jeans and a beige sweater, and the infamous black and pink kitty slippers - I really don't like cats, but the kitty slippers were more cute than the doggie slippers.
I am creating...Christmas ornaments, still working on that Monkey sock. I WILL finish it this week.
I am get a haircut this week
I am reading..."Climbing The Mango Trees" It's going much slower than I had hoped. I pitched a fit (over the course of 2 months) to get my library to order this book for me, and it's not as interesting as I had anticipated. Maybe as I continue reading it will get better.
I am hoping...I'll have a wonderful week, without conflict or chaos. I'm also hoping I'll get the Christmas tree decorated.
I am hearing...Adam. He's complaining that something in his pants is hurting him. The girls are asleep - ahhh, sweet silence. Not for long, I'm late in waking them.
Around the house...W-O-R-K, nothing new there.
One of my favorite things...chocolate cake covered in chocolate ganache
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: I'm working on Wed. & Thurs., other than that, it' going to be a slow week - I hope.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing... This was an attempt to get a Family Christmas Picture


Kris said...

I totally think you need to use that photo as your Christmas card. It's reality, baby and it's cracking me up.

Tiffany said...

I'm with Kris. That picture is hilarious. Looks like you're giving Dan the what-for.

Homegrown Schoolhouse said...

very funny! It looks like you guys are such a normal family instead of all posing with fake smiles like the rest of us!