Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dark Chocolate S'mores = Decadence

So, since we have a big group of family visiting from Canada this week, two of whom are fresh off the boat from Iran, we thought we'd have a little fire in the backyard and do some good ole fashioned American s'mores. Since I was the one delegated to get the ingredients, I decided that a little decadence was needed - I'm typically not a big fan of s'mores because I don't care much for milk chocolate...yes, I'm a choco-snob. I got Hershey's Special Dark chocolate bars for those of us who have refined taste buds and plain old Hershey's for the rest of the folks (who couldn't tell good chocolate from tree bark...just sayin'). I have to say, I've never enjoyed a s'mores quite like I enjoyed the 2 I ate last night! On my list of "quick, yet decadent desserts," Dark Chocolate S'mores.


Tree Climbing Mom said...

I can get on board with a lot of things, but I'm a s'more purist: give me my milk chocolate:)

Sue said...

I respect your purity, but don't knock it till you try it. I'm tellin' ya, these were yummo!