Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Little Manic Redecorating...

I decided awhile back that Adam needed to be in his own room. So...much to my sentimental-sadness, I separated Adam & Katie. I moved Sophie into Katie's room and Adam into Sophie's room. Yeah, well...that didn't work out. Bedtime was brutal with the two girls together. So, I decided to move Sophie into the playroom, which used to be Adam & Katie's room before May of this year. Yeah...I've had ongoing children's bedroom issues for a year now.

Last year at this time I decided to paint Adam & Katie's room yellow, a nice non-gender-specific yellow. The one mistake I made...sending Dan to the paint store to buy that perfect shade of yellow. When I was finished painting, the room looked like a bottle of French's mustard exploded all over the walls. I dealt with that for about 6 months, then I decided to move Adam & Katie out of that room.

So, now I've had to revisit that "Frenchy" room. Last Friday I decided I just had to paint that room so I could get Sophie out of Katie's room ASAP. Well, the first step was to paint the whole room with primer so the pink paint didn't turn orange on top of that yellow. 8 hours later...the room was two lovely shades of pink...much to Dan's obvious, and stated disgust when he walked in from work.

So, I have Sophie's room almost put together, just a few more accessories... :) Adam's room is complete, except that I need to find a dark wood headboard for his bed. Now, Katie...poor, poor Eyore, I mean Katie. Now Katie is very upset that everyone has a "new" room but her. I had every intention to "create" a lovely little-girl room for her, but...I've run out of steam. I know that if I don't want to jade her for life (as I myself have been jaded by my own mother's lack of enthusiasm for pretty decor) I have absolutely got to get myself re-motivated to decorate her room! Katie like to have something to complain "poor me" about...that's why I've nick-named her Eyore! So I guess I can let it go till next week. I've been a little under the weather the past couple of days so I need to let my body rest.

Well, I'm off to visit my local Home Cheapo, Habitat for Humanity thrift store, and a few other places to complete these projects. I hope everyone has a great day!

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