Friday, September 4, 2009

Crazy Busyness!

Look at how much taller Katie is than Adam! Maybe by the end of the school year Adam will have caught up to her a bit...I hope! Although Adam is "average" for his age. Katie is in the 90th percentile for height! WMBA here we come...only if Katie could walk a straight line :)

Ok, I really thought that once Adam & Katie got off to school that I would have "time" to get "caught up." Yeah, not. so. much. It's been two weeks...My internet is hit or miss...the only options I have for internet are 1. dial up and 2. satellite...which is only twice as good as dial up and mucho dinero. I'm waiting for Comcast to do a "serviceability" check for me to see if they will run their cable up our road...oh, the joy of country living!

The kids' first two weeks of school have been great for them. They don't complain. Well, Adam does when it's time to practice writing...doing homework with that kid is B-R-U-T-A-L! It's so sweet to drop them at school and watch them hold hands and walk in together!
They are in separate classrooms, but just next door to one another. The only bad thing about being in separate classrooms is that the rewards from each teacher are different. One day Adam will come home with candy and Katie will freak out. The next day Katie comes home with candy and Adam freaks out. A good lesson in graciousness...although they aren't really gettin' it!
I have been absolutely inundated with form after stinkin' form every day for the past two weeks! I realized that I, now have homework. Wait a minute. I thought I finished school. What's happening to my ideals?

Anyway, I better wrap up before the internet fairy cuts my connection.


Tiffany said...

Hey--great to see a post!
I'm glad that school is going well. I can't believe they are in Kindergarten!

Just Me said...

Your homework has just begun! :)
Every year..the first day of school comes and I know that I will be the only one with homework that first week. thankfully...only 2 more first weeks of school for me! Yay!!