Monday, November 23, 2009

Just In Case You've Wondered...

I have not dropped off the face of the blogosphere. My internet situation is still limited and my free time has become even more limited than ever! And, I'm still learning to "deal" with the drama that my family just can't seem to do without.

Here's where I am, in list form:

1. Preparing for Thanksgiving...12 adults 9 kids

2. I'm thinking, "what was I thinking?"

3. My rolls are baked and in the freezer

4. I'm making my cranberry sauce tomorrow

5. Tom the turkey is defrosting in the fridge

6. I'll make pies on Wednesday evening...after work

7. I'm trying to think up a chocolate dessert to take to Dan's uncle's house on Saturday...

8. I'm in the process of reupholstering this dining room chair I bought at a thrift store for $5 today. I spent my whole morning removing the old chair cover...I think there was horse hair in there...not sure, but it was old! I love the needs a new seat though. Maybe I'll post a picture tomorrow...yeah right! Maybe next month!

I love "Thanksgiving Saturday." Dan's uncle always has us over the saturday after Thanksgiving and I just love's a great time of fellowship with Dan's family and all the kids get to be together. I get to have Thanksgiving dinner without any of the work that goes with's just a good time.

Here are some pics from the last month...


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Tiffany said...

Hi!! I read your post a week ago but I'm just getting around to commenting. How was your Thanksgiving?
Love the pictures of the kids. Sophie is so pretty in her costume!