Monday, July 27, 2009

Now, That's Just Wrong

So, I had to have a "talk" with Sophie the other night about boogers. You see, Sophie picks and licks... I know, YUCK! Anyway, the other night she showed an interest in lickin' what someone else had picked...EWWWW! I never imagined that I would have to have a talk with one of my children that went like this:

Me: Sophie, NO! It's really disgusting to eat your own boogers, it's especially
disgusting to eat another person's.

Sophie: I like it.

Me: Sophie, do you understand mommy? You can only eat your boogers,
no other person's boogers.

Ok, this gets a real big, OH. MY. It's only just begun. What else? She's so stinkin' cute, but not. so. much. when she has her finger second-knuckle-deep in her nostril!

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